Reviews for "Cube Escape: Harvey's Box"

Great game, as all of the series! Thanks to you i learned how to play dominoes!

Would Be Nice If There Would Be A Way To Easily Find The Games In Chronological Order.

But Other Than A Little Lack Of Information, Phenomenal Game

That was awesome. I love this series. Also, fuck you for that bit near the end hahaha

I can't give a full analysis of the game because fuck the domino puzzle, but from what I saw in the game was a amazing, creative idea. I also got a feeling of everything being wide but then you realize your just in a box.

Well I manage to finish most of the puzzles up to the safety pin part (didn't manage to pull down the rope not sure why). After reading through the comment I knew that there is jumpscare ahead so I gave up and watched the walkthrough LOL.
A bit frustrating for me, but overall still cool!

Tip: You might need to prepare a paper and a pen to write down the music notes so that you don't have to change the scene to and fro to complete the puzzles.