Reviews for "Cube Escape: Harvey's Box"

shit. it popped up and mindfckued me. GREAT!!!

So good, just like all the other Cube Escape games. No matter how many times I encounter the black shadow thing, it always creeps me out like it was the first. The dominos got me a little stuck, because I assumed that the '6' meant the number of dots at joints had to be six. Otherwise, the game was great! I love the little puzzles.

Cube Escape games have been all masterpieces so far, and this is by no means the exception.

Although it is all very surrealistic, the puzzles keep being tricky, challenging and, most important, absolutely logical.

Another credit for keeping the appearance of a psycho killer super-scary for the fourth time in a row! Keep going, RustyLake!

Awesome as the previous games!

Fantastic. The concept is interesting, the puzzles' difficulty perfect balanced and much more logical compared to the others while still maintaining the weird, unconventional aspect.