Reviews for "Cube Escape: Harvey's Box"

Great game but the story of the series is getting more confusing every installment, its a great installment cuz it tells the story from the perspective of parrot

2spooky 4 m m8

A bit on the short side, but very enjoyable. The music puzzle is a bit annoying because if you forget a note and need to go back to the notes, by the time you return to the puzzle, it reset all you did before. It would have been nice to simply have the note in your inventory. Speaking of which, it would be nice to be able to rearrange the items in the inventory, so you can have the ones you need close together. The background music is awesome, though. Very appropriate to the mood. All in all, I liked it.

Great visuals, interesting topic, a tad confusing at first so that's why this vote isn't higher, but definitely a point and click I would recommend for someone looking for something really unique.