Reviews for "Cube Escape: Harvey's Box"

Very cleverly constructed! Fun fact, you also taught me to read notes! Well, the basics anyway ;)

That was awesome. I love this series. Also, fuck you for that bit near the end hahaha

shit. it popped up and mindfckued me. GREAT!!!

Thanks for making this new episode! I enjoyed solving your creative puzzles with sufficient clues provided. It's fun to play around with key tunes creating a short melody.

Nevertheless, there was a bug with the fly puzzle. Upon finishing it, I clicked away and didn't wait for some flies to glow. Thus, I couldn't escape the cube as I didn't have the means to fight a shadow person. Then, I watched the walk through and restarted the game. Finally, I escaped.

I am not sure why this shadow person was afraid of light and was trapped in a cube every time. Perhaps, it's related to his mental health issue.

I like these games, but the narrative is really confusing and a lot of the puzzles are illogical. I worked out that Harvey seems to be a pigeon. I just wonder if we are ever going to get to a point to these games or if they are just some drug induced thing than no-one will ever understand,