Reviews for "Cube Escape: Harvey's Box"

Cube Escape games have been all masterpieces so far, and this is by no means the exception.

Although it is all very surrealistic, the puzzles keep being tricky, challenging and, most important, absolutely logical.

Another credit for keeping the appearance of a psycho killer super-scary for the fourth time in a row! Keep going, RustyLake!

Awesome game, love the strange feel to it all!

I think its pretty well made and cool but still I cant get out of the box

*lit match (not 'lighted')
Your games are among my favorite alongside the maker of the 'Deep Sleep' series and the other games he has made. Your games atmosphere and the occasional bout of fear are very interesting. Very calming to play overall. I did wonder after both opening the fruit and witnessing the dark figure opening the box that maybe I wasn't the bird after all, but that like I, like in Cube Escape: Seasons, was perhaps the dark figure myself. The fruit lead to the open box down a staircase, where the dark figure was as well. I hope you continue to make them and perhaps continue to run the narrative through to a mind-blowing conclusion.

That was really fun! It was super challenging, and I almost peed when the shadow at the opening of the box appeared but other than that I really enjoyed it.