Reviews for "Cube Escape: Harvey's Box"

In Fact it's very interesting, I dunno what's the meaning of the box but it's great

Awesome game! I love all the games in this series. One little hiccup: I got the pin in the holes, but never got the rope! I'm trapped forever!(again...)

as always in the whole Rusty Lake / Cube escape series, awesome game! very original setting, creepy ambiance, cool puzzles..
if i could i'd give every single of those games (including/especially the cheap paid ones!) a rating of 20 stars!

@ TNT-Igniter-1337: there is a map with chronology here: http://blog.rustylake.com/updated-chronology/

Would Be Nice If There Would Be A Way To Easily Find The Games In Chronological Order.

But Other Than A Little Lack Of Information, Phenomenal Game

Fantastic. The concept is interesting, the puzzles' difficulty perfect balanced and much more logical compared to the others while still maintaining the weird, unconventional aspect.