Reviews for "Dead Detention #2.5"

Died for not opening Redit....Thats some agressive app yo...

Am I the only one who got the Dai-sensei reference? XD

Nicely done. I love the fact that you are linking the stories together, hopefully a new one will spawn from these two.

I admit that I was disappointed by this at first. I really appreciate how there are so many different games. It wasn't too difficult or anything. I thought it wouldn't be about zombies at first. I knew I was wrong! You just can't go wrong with zombies nowadays.

The music was great. So were the drawings. It took awhile to figure some of the stuff out. It still ends up being pretty rewarding in the end. That was certainly nice.

XD i replayed so many times till i finally spotted the astronaut badge
Sneeky hidding spot