Reviews for "Odessa"

it is super good i would say but for me it has a little bit of lag. i would say is 5. i would love it if newgounds do more of these games. :)

ElPandito responds:

Awh, thanks a lot, that's like ... super encouraging!

The gfx really stands out. How do i save?

ElPandito responds:

Well that's good to hear! Sadly, right now you can't save -- you could pause the game by pressing 'Enter' if you want to take a break and come back to it.

this game is fantastic
the style the idea is innovative
the music and artwork its splendid and really cool
its really a whell fantasticly done game
its really hard but i love and like this game

ElPandito responds:

Thanks a lot, this is really encouraging!
I will update the game very soon, and it will be easier!


ElPandito responds:

Wow, I don't hear that everyday. Thank you haha

Here is a first edition of a walkthrough to this game:
It is NOT complete.
-First edition written by cowgoesmoo2

Add on to this if necessary.

In space:
Fly all the way up, or all the way down to doge large formations. Although this is risky depending on what weapons you have. It's only a strategy you can use sometimes.
Choose your weapons wisely, and have some good experience with space combat.
That's about it.

1st landing
Try to ignore the autoturret, although, it only takes two hits with the wrench to destroy it, if you want to do.
Progress forwards from the autoturret and obtain your first mining laser from containers.
With double jump, obtain another mining laser from platforms above.

Obtain the only keycard by jumping to a slightly hidden second floor: Get there by jumping from the platform you obtain a red keycard from.

Items: Health packs, two mining lasers, and double jump

This is likely all there is to the 1st landing.

1-2 intermission:
Dual mining lasers IS a viable strategy, although can be risky. It doesn't work so well for the last mission though. Don't move too quickly when using dual lasers.
Use their nearly-instant kill at close range damage to your advantage when clearing minefields.
Also, I find it helpful to sit at the very front of the ship's weapons room when flying through space, as the most important part of the ship is probably the weapons box. You also have quick access to the large 'hood' section of the ship, which is at the front-top.

2nd landing
The small flying sperm cells will kill guards and "infect" them. Infected guards are hostile, also killing guards with a wrench is extremely difficult and consumes lots of health. Otherwise, non-infected guards are friendly to you and will help you kill the flying sperm.

The flying sperm appear to infect dead guards' bodies. You can prevent the flying sperm cells from infecting dead guards by hitting them when they are face-down and trying to get into dead bodies.

With some practice, you can quickly kill the ones that surround your ship. Immediately drop down
the deep chasm and go to the bottomost "basement"-like floor where there are 3-4 guards. Kill the sperm cells to prevent the basement
from becoming a very difficult area to get through. Kill all of the flying things as soon as you can, and hunt them down. Double check if necessary.

Other notes: There is absolutely NOTHING (that isn't on the surface) in any of the crates that are at the VERY bottom-right hand side of the level, or also known as the ones furthest right in the basement level. I have actually (with great difficulty) broken apart the entire stack to be sure I actually hit all of the crates directly.

On this level there are many doors that need keycards, I believe four. At the floor of the giant drop-down chasm, go left. Then jump across the dark/invisible drop to a locked door. A hidden keycard will be revealed if you jump into the wall or the ceiling above the door.
I have only been able to do this once so far. it may be a glitch.
On this level, on my first try, I obtained three keycards but could not find the fourth.

Items: Numerous health packs inside crates, especially in the basement floor.
Two weapons, one extra life, and boots (not sure if double jump boots)

3rd landing
Prevent the sperm cells from immediately infecting the first dead guard you see.
(Also, sperm cells cannot enter nor exit doors. However, infected guards can.)
Hunt down all sperm cells immediately once you find them. This level is extremely straightforward and easy if there are no infected

You can dodge the automatic turret by sitting "inside"/"in front" of metal crates.
I don't suggest trying to kill the turret on this level.

Items: Homing rocket launcher, one healthpack in the crates around the turret.

I am not sure if this is all there is to the third level.

4th space level
This is by far the most difficult level in space. I'm not sure if I got past it or if something glitched out, but good luck.