Reviews for "Odessa"

Cool game! I like the idea of a shmuptroidvania game. The concept kinda reminds me of the Guardian Legend. As a controller guy, WASD controls are always awkward to me, but they're consistent and tight. I like the idea of a 360-degree shooting (or maybe 120 here, I guess) level-scrolling shmup. Would translate well to dual-stick controls. The graphics are solid, too. Looks like if Rare had been tasked with making an adventure/sci-fi title for the SNES (I mean this in a good way). I would have finished the demo, except I walked off the right side of the screen on the bottom level of the 3rd gas station and was trapped.

The shmupping is solid, I would focus on level/enemy design on the platformer part. I can say this is the only game that will challenge you to smack space sperm out of the air with a monkey wrench.

ElPandito responds:

I never heard of that game, but I was actually considering to make this 3/4 top down at some point too. XD Thanks for widening my gaming culture!

Haaa, controller support was actually implemented at first, and dropped through out due to time constraints. It actually really wouldn't be a hassle to re-implement!

I WILL take this as a compliment, RARE had some of my favourite titles on the SNES, and damn, DK had neat pre-rendered graphics!

Ehhh, sorry about that, the level design on this station was really rushed. Thanks for the report, I fixed it just now, although I might scrap the level altogether and start it over haha.

LOL, yeah it has to be the only game like that. Thanks a lot for the encouraging and detailed feedback! :D