Reviews for "Odessa"

I thought this was pretty good, but could definitely do with a sequel to expand on it's mechanics. The shooting in space and then scavenging for fuel and new guns in space stations has a lot of potential, and the overall aesthetic of the game is phenomenal; awesome graphics with a perfect sound design. But I feel like this game was very much more a demo than a full project.
It set up with a cool sounding story: a space captain gets a radio message about a dire situation involving alien attack. It's an awesome set up! But then you fly through space and there are enemies because...... it's a game I guess? And then you fight through a bunch of levels and then it's over. With no followup about your original mission. I feel a little left out. However, I love the design of the game, and I feel like if you expanded on this, it could go down as a favourite of mine

ElPandito responds:

Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback!

I hope you'll be happy to hear that I do plan to expand upon this game, and in fact I am working on it almost every day! Like you, I see the current state as a demo, and feel a hurry to develop it further!

'But then you fly through space and there are enemies because...... it's a game I guess?' Haha, yeah, I felt disapointed too when I figured I couldn't include the developments and conclusions to the story. I've been polishing the game mechanics a lot because a lot of folks didn't seem to 'get it', but soon enough I'll be able to start expanding again!

I hope you'll stay tuned for when that happens!


ElPandito responds:

Wow, I don't hear that everyday. Thank you haha

this game is fantastic
the style the idea is innovative
the music and artwork its splendid and really cool
its really a whell fantasticly done game
its really hard but i love and like this game

ElPandito responds:

Thanks a lot, this is really encouraging!
I will update the game very soon, and it will be easier!

Stellar graphics, psychedelic soundtrack and the exciting decision of whether to repair the ship or keep trucking. Makes me look forward to "WAVE CLEAR" and keeps the energy high in an overdone genre. There are too many damn asteroids and the cannon is disproportionately valuable in repair priority but they subtract very little from the game.

ElPandito responds:

Thanks for the review and thanks for playing m9!
I dunno, usually if my engine breaks down that will be top priority haha.

First off, my review might be a bit skewed because, even on easy, I couldn't get past level two...

Anyways, I feel like you've tried to execute several mediocre concepts when you should've focused on executing one (maaaybe two) great ones.

The platforming wasn't completely necessary, IMO. The repairing, shooting, and upgrading would've been good enough on their own. Although I do appreciate the effort to add more variety.

As many other players have already said, I really do like the detailed graphics. The asteroids look a bit shoddy in comparison. Also, the debris flying in the background for level two is just really distracting. I kept thinking it was stuff I had to dodge.

The gameplay is what killed this for me. The repair mechanic was interesting, but I don't think I got to fully enjoy it. Honestly, it felt completely useless because I could never repair faster than I was getting damaged, even on easy!

And honestly, starting the game from scratch after losing all of my lives? Really? Why is that necessary?

ElPandito responds:

First off, thanks for playing and for the lengthy review! :)
If you tell me the scope for the game was too wide, you have a point. (Why 'mediocre' concepts though?)
The platforming wasn't developped enough to fit in really yet, but I think it adds a nice change of pace.
Lol, the flying debris ... yeah I've heard of those, although they never seemed to bother me, I'll look into fixing it.
Haha, it used to be even harder to repair, but you're right, it's still pretty absurd. I plan to change two things about it : time will be slowed down outside the ship when you're inside, more so in easier difficulties, AND #2, you will repair a lot more at once but it will apply a cooldown so that you can't repair again right away (this way you don't need to stay in there wrenching as much). Sounds good?
Yeah the lives system is RUDE isn't it? Alright alright I'll get rid of it >__<'.