Reviews for "Marrakesh Club"

Caramel Games are amazing, this is no exception.

Is it ready?
Not yet. Do come again later.

Is there any way to get a different dialogue at this part?

BTW, the Spanish translation is really good. I was expecting something more like google translate.

why is my screen so small, I can't see the items list

That tourist broke the laws of the pyshics. VORTEX POINT 6 CONFIRMED.
Anyway, i flipped the table when that genius said that i could not have a cup of tea. Rage forever.
Even with anti cheating and confirmation of vortex point 6, great game.

Aw, Bedrito doesn't see why we love Morocco, his homeland! ;) WEll, it has lovely art, lovely people! And Chefchaouen! ah, Chefchaouen! If I wasn't an anxious broke wreck, I would go travelling.