Reviews for "Marrakesh Club"

I'm from Morroco myself,i don't know what's so special about Marrakesh,it has alot of points of intrest
one of the best one is jamaa lfnaa wich has 'Miracle-like things i guess :/ magicians and stuff like that
i have one question,do you guys really love our country? ;) i though no one cared for it :D

While cleaning the lamp I noticed that there appeared a THIRD hand which cleaned the lamp with the rag.

why is my screen so small, I can't see the items list

Thanks for giving us a taste of Morocco although I have never been there myself.

Game play is interesting. I laughed a few times. Puzzles are straightforward.

I like the voice of the lead character. I think he's the same actor for Kelvin in other games.


Игра неплоха, а локализатор должен покаяться и уйти в монастырь