Reviews for "Marrakesh Club"

The fountain guard was rude :-(

@XDSouL it did look like someone was helping the character wipe the lamp, lol.

Awesome game

Took me forever to see the key, but once I did the rest of the game fell into place pretty easily. In response to shadowgate31's comment, you needed to have the lit candle to enter the door to get under the fountain.

Were we supposed to do something with the candle?
Other than lighting it, I mean.

I was able to end the game without using it even once.

That tourist broke the laws of the pyshics. VORTEX POINT 6 CONFIRMED.
Anyway, i flipped the table when that genius said that i could not have a cup of tea. Rage forever.
Even with anti cheating and confirmation of vortex point 6, great game.