Reviews for "Marrakesh Club"

Aw, Bedrito doesn't see why we love Morocco, his homeland! ;) WEll, it has lovely art, lovely people! And Chefchaouen! ah, Chefchaouen! If I wasn't an anxious broke wreck, I would go travelling.


Should've drank that cup of tea instead, it seemed pretty exquisite. :P Overall, another fun adventure game with moderate amounts of puzzle! And the main character looks a lot like Tintin hmm... wonder if there's any inspiration there. Nice work.


The puzzle was soooo fun!
hahahahaha and the scene where Joseph stands on the moon to the tea was hilarious.

Nice game. The puzzle where you had to configure a picture out of jumbled pieces was a bit challenging due to it being a bit confusing on where to place the pieces, especially the ones on the outer edges.