Reviews for "Defend Yourself From Treyvon Martin"

Gave me a good laugh!! LOL

This is a stupid game and I'm ashamed to be on the leaderboard.

a tasteless premise, and a lazy excuse of a game, not sure why you would take the time for something like this, I feel ashamed for having clicked to check the gameplay, was I expecting something fun? nope , but somehow I did think there would be a point, I should have seen this coming.


may I suggest that you at least change the faces in the game with those of your own family and love-ones? and add their comments in the credits, Im just curious as of how much they would appreciate that.

ZabuJard responds:

i took the time making it because i really enjoy making games! and other things too! interesting concept replacing the faces! ill consider it in the future! now let me ask you to consider something, imagine you are in zimmermans place and you have to defend yourself from a threatening force! spooky right? thats what games are all about man, creating imaginary situations you the player can place yourself in and using your imagination and creativity to really free you spirit and have fun! anyways thanks a lot for your incredibly thoughtful and wonderful review! hope to hear more reviews from you especially in the future! <3 zj!

Is this for real? This is just stupid and offensive. Shame on newgrounds too for keeping it up

ZabuJard responds:

yeah the game is indeed real! stupid perhaps, offensive? hmmmm maybe!

Loved this game!!! You should make one about Michael Brown and Freddie Gray. I loved reading your responses to all the comments, as well.