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Reviews for "Another World (Thank you, guys!)"

holy shit
i was browsing through the songs and i found this, holy fuck
using in gd. vouch!

Razorrekker responds:

Glad you enjoyed!

this song makes my pp hard

No but really, great song. I love it, the drop is amazing. :)

Razorrekker responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it, even if this comment is a little strange :D

when you will collab with Lockyn ? because i think you and Lockyn have the same style to make music

Also, very amazing music

Razorrekker responds:

Dude, that's a really interesting idea, I'll definitely consider it!

This doesn't need a remix. Its already perfect.

Razorrekker responds:

Well, there's a VIP remix in case you were wanting something better than perfect!

N I C E .

Razorrekker responds:

T H A N K.