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Reviews for "Another World (Thank you, guys!)"

Firstly awesome song. Really enjoy it, just a couple things;
*personally I think the second drop of the song comes where to quickly. I enjoy the first drop but I the second one just sounds like faster version of the first drop. I always enjoy the original mix than the VIP. Even then the VIP version in my opinion is absolute rubbish. (SORRY) The start of the song is very calming but at 00:21 that transition is absolutely awful, then at 00:35 the song get weak in the guitar. Which in my opinion is great, but others don't like it. Then at 00:48 yet again an awful transition due to it's calming then goes crazy yet again. The drop is best, definitely. Then at 2:10 it yet again have the 00:35 and then on it basically the first part of the song. Plus not anything to do with this. How do you make songs so fast. I want to use the all in GD but you make to many. xD. Anyway, this is probably your best song in everyone's opinion but I like Transform more.


Razorrekker responds:

This song (and well... it's VIP version too) are older songs of mine. I have gotten better since then. I really do not believe that another world is a good showcase of my potential.

The song begins very nicely with lush sounds in the background, but at 00:35 the electric guitar sound weakens the song's quality, the uprise part didn't blend well and the drop part is preety good.
Overall OK song.

Razorrekker responds:

Thank you! This is obviously, an older song. I don't know if you've looked, but there is an improved version where I fixed a few things, so you might want to check that out. Again, thanks for the solid review!

holy sh-
this is definitely one of my favorites songs here now xD
amazing work, cants stop listening to it. .3.

arguable one of your best songs. really full of life. my only critique is that the transitions could have used some work, but it is so memorable that it hardly matters.
5 stars, no question.

Razorrekker responds:

Thanks for the legit review dude. Yeah, I realize the transitions in this song aren't great, but it's about 1 1/2 years old now. So, there's a VIP version where I fixed what was 'broken' in this song! Check it out if you haven't!

Pure gold. I would take this over Xtrullor any day. The drop is incredible, and this song seserves even more recognition then it has now. Probably one of the best songs I have ever heard, keep up the great work!

Razorrekker responds:

Dude I don't know, I worship Xtrullor's basses and sound designs, because those things are amazing. Otherwise, I'm glad you enjoyed the song!