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Reviews for "Another World (Thank you, guys!)"

AMAZING song! Reminds me of Dimrain47, but with a good F-777 mix. Some of my favorite composers :)

It starts as such a beautiful tune, reminiscent of wandering through a fantasy land, then when the violin (I think) kicks in, it reminds me of a hero journeying towards a battle, unsure if he/she's about to sacrifice their life for their loved ones. Once the guitar kicks in, it's like our hero, along with their comrades, is standing across a huge field, staring the other army in the eye, ready for battle. The build-up (before the drop) is like the two armies charging at each other. Then once the bass drops... Its like the hero begins the fight, cutting down as many of the enemy as possible. When it calms down again, its like our hero has won the battle, and triumphantly stands over the enemy as they flee into the forest.

That's all.

Overall a really beautiful and awesome peace. Keep it up! Excited to listen to this while playing Overwatch and stuff :)

Razorrekker responds:

I'm glad you liked this that much! thanks for listening, dude!

THIS IS SO AMAZING YOU ARE SO UNDERRATED! There are so may popular artists on NG that you are easily much better than, but they are more famous and that pisses me off :(
Also, can you link where I can download the dubstep instruments you used for this?

Razorrekker responds:

Hi! I'm really thankful for the compliments man, it means a lot!
The VST's I used in this are ReFX Nexus 2, and Native Instruments Massive.

Love it.

Razorrekker responds:

Thank you!

Wow, this sound really nice! Because of the melody, imo a better name would be "Survivor"!

Razorrekker responds:

I'm glad you like it, but I don't understand the title suggestion.

Really good song! I love this! Also, a GD Player named YGYoshi just beat a level with this song :3 ~S~

Razorrekker responds:

I'm really glad you like it! Check out the VIP, by the way.
I just checked out the video, and that level looks absolutely insane. GG to that guy.