Reviews for "It Needs Care"

I knew I didn't trust that innocent, adorable smile. This is a really nice concept! The only reason I didn't give full 5 stars is because, for some reason, it lagged in the card game part and the cards wouldn't show up. So I at first assumed that that was it, that was the game, the adorable squid cheats at card games and that's the deception. Then I reloaded, and boy was I wrong.

Wolod responds:

Thanks! I'll look up to that card game issue.

Very cool. I liked it.

I enjoyed watching the creature go through it's different stages of growth. Seeing what would come next really kept me playing.

Some of the controls were a tiny bit confusing. I took me a few tries to realize that you had to double click options to get them to work (once to select, once to engage), and the card game could use some more explanation. It's basically draw poker, and the player attempt to get the largest hand, but it took a while to figure out whether I select the cards I'm keeping or trading in. The designs are confusing too. At first, I thought I was looking at the backs of the cards.

The game works great though. The ambient sounds effects add mood. As the creature got older, I could see the deception coming...

Wolod responds:

Thank you very much for a detailed review!
You're right that it would be great if there were more in-game instructions. But I was in such a hurry (game was uploaded 1 minute before the deadline) that I decided that there were more important tasks in my to-do list.
On the other hand: when I was a child and played with tamagotchi it took me a bit of time to get used to that 3-button controls. It seems that I tried to recreate that feeling XD

Your pet is dead.

It is not clear how to control things. Food comes but animal doesn't eat!
Pls explain controls in description.

Otherwise - I like graphics and effects.

Wolod responds:

Tap on food to gain control over it. There are instructions in user manual (middle yellow button) by the way.

It is like the old tamagoshi, I really love it

Wolod responds:

Thanks! I wanted to recreate that tamagotchi feel.

Nice graphics, but i dont see the "deception" concept (?)

Wolod responds:

To see it, you have to get to the end of the game.