Reviews for "It Needs Care"

Great work on this flash, I liked it a lot.

Basically 90's tamagotchi gone grimdark, the deception was quite clear once your pet goes from stage 2 to 3. I had to fumble about a bit to figure out how things worked but otherwise things went smoothly.

The only thing that is making me detract that half-star was the lack of multiple endings, but this is still a great game to pass 5-10 minutes in.

Wolod responds:

Thanks a lot! I was planning to make different endings, but I hadn't time to implement them (I didn't have much spare time to work on this game).

The ending was a little forced. I'd have sacrificed myself voluntarily.

Wolod responds:

I was planning to create multiple endings, but I hadn't enough time (I was working on this game during only a week in my spare time after my job).

it died so fast the first time!!! i cried a lot
and then he pooped on my face!!! wtf man!!!

i noticed that the game seemed to start playing by poker rules, but when i tried to build a straight (and successfully got 2,3,4,5,6, i lost. i think it was fun that i had to figure it out as i went along, but as a poker player i wish there was more than just matching pairs going on here. still fun, tho.

i cant figure out how to use the medicine and my pet keeps dying as soon as it gets sick. obviously i could continue from each death, but it was still a little irritating - when i tried to get it to move like the little feeder creatures, it didn't really respond, and i didn't feel like i ever had enough time to figure out what was going on despite having beaten the game now.

everything about this is perfect besides my difficulties with the medicine, tho. great job! i never got to have a tamagotchi as a kid so this was rly fun for me lol

Wolod responds:

Thanks a lot! I never had a tamagotchi too. That's why I decided to create my own!
To use medicine just click on it several times. I was working on this during the last week before deadline. So I hadn't much time to implement all the poker mechanics. The only two combinations I haven't implemented are: straight and straight flush.


Wolod responds:

Shhh... It'll be our little secret ^^

Oh my gawwwsh!!! It's so adorable I nearly cried when it died. And my heart broke at the end...

Just like raising real children, you feed them, play with them, and love them. You clean up copious amounts of bodily waste and take care of them when they're sick.
Then they grow up into ungrateful teenagers hell-bent on dominating the world...

Wolod responds:

You're totally right! That's the cruel truth of life XD