Reviews for "It Needs Care"

This is a tamagotchi style game. Its really nicely put together.. The pixle art is charming and once your done futsing around with the confusing ui its good.

I was going to give the game 3 stars but I bumped up to 4.

Theres no documentation, and the ui is somewhat confusing;
however thats no exactly what you get from these type of games.
Its a game where you have to fail , explore and learn the rules of the game before you have success.

Might turn off some users initially but worth your time.

Wolod responds:

Thanks. I'm glad that you liked it. There's really no documentaion. I wanted gamers to figure out everything by themselves. In my opinion it makes the experience more deep and mysterious.

I don't know how to feed it. I just click on one hatchling, try to drag it but nothing happens. I click a few times but nothing happens. Any manual or something?

Wolod responds:

Click on hatchling to select it, then click on spot where you want him to go (like in RTS games). There won't be any documentaion. It was intended that gamer should figure out everything himself.

This was pretty cool. It doesn't really give much of a choice in what to do, but it was still an interesting experience for what it was.

I'd first like to say that the pixel graphics are awesome, I love the different shapes the creature evolves into overnight, starting adorable, and becoming outright creepy. The conversations you have with it become creepier and creepier as time progresses until, finally... things get creepy.

I like the idea of making a Tamagotchi parody with this theme and feel. Of course, as far as the Tamagotchi side of things goes, the game doesn't give you much freedom of choice, but it's still pretty entertaining all around. I'm going to try different dialog combinations to see what I get now...

Pretty nice little experience for what it is, and a pretty unique entry to the jam.

Wolod responds:

Thank you very much for this detailed review! I'm glad that you enjoyed this game!
I wanted to create multiple endings that depend on your dialogue choices (and few other factors). Unfortunately I hadn't much spare time to work on this game. I'm thinking about an update with more evolution stages and multiple endings of course. I think that it'll be ready in the nearby future.

Well. I dont know how to use the pill...

Wolod responds:

Just click on it few times.

Never trust future Cthulhu-like creatures.

Wolod responds:

Yep. You're right.