Reviews for "Ribbitation"

The real challenge here seems to come more from how tedious the playable character's movements are and less from clever puzzle design. I quit after getting stuck on level 11 after I realized I didn't want to make all the same (too slow) movements again.

The no stars are more a reflection on my lack of desire to play the game than any major glaring issues. The graphics are well done and it controls fine, its just that everything that makes it a challenge also makes it kind of an not terribly fun to play game.

faster, frog, faster - at least make it an option, like easy, normal, difficult (speed)

Pixelulsar responds:

I doubled movement speed, the frog goes much faster.

I thought it was a great little puzzle. It was a little short but a 5/5 from me.

Excellent puzzle! The difficulty is well increased though the 12 levels of the game. There's a good variety of items to interact. The controls are proper, specially because of the movement of the character. The music matches perfectly with the 8-bit style, but it gets a little bit annoying after a while.

PS: levels 11 and 12 really got me in some parts -- had to restart several times.

The frog needs to be faster