Reviews for "Ribbitation"

It was fun to play, but the levels are too easy.

Excellent puzzle platformer!

Only complaint is the short length of the game. So since you ask for comments or suggestions at the end there, my suggestion is -- more levels!

A simple, yet entertaining mind-teasing game. I liked it =)

Pepe would be proud.

I disagree with some of the reviews that say the frog's movement's slow. I think it's quite ok. The thing I really'd like changed is the number of levels though. The game ends just at the time it becomes challenging. Hope more levels (in a 2.0 perhaps ;) come soon

There's a few issues that hurt this game, but all of them are fixable. If all of them were addressed, I'd rate this at a 4. Otherwise, good job.

First, as others pointed out, the slow movement of the frog is just brutal. It really slows down the game unnecessarily and makes some of the levels that require a lot of backtracking to be painful.

Second, reading the dark grey on black for the levels and the congratulations at the end is a poor color selection. Please choose a brighter color.

Third, the game is just too short and too easy. I found level 12 to interesting, and the curve up to that point was fine, but then the game just ended. I would have liked several more levels at or above the difficulty of 12.

Very fun game indeed, level 12 is the only one that's hard