Reviews for "Ribbitation"

Solid gameplay, solid controls, solid puzzels, solid graphics. While everything was solid, they were not spectacular, or interesting. They were just kinda bland. I know you have it in you to push yourself harder to go beyond just the basics of game making.

If you have a game where you can't jump, why make the character a frog?

Most of these puzzles are designed to be tedious more than hard, but the last level was a fairly good puzzle.

But most importantly, why did you make all the text as hard to read as possible? When I first started the game, all I saw was the blue walls, so I thought the game was glitching out. The same thing happened in level 13.

not very challenging or unique, and way too short. it wasn't bad just wasn't anything special either.

I guess I can't really recommend it, because I'm not very good at it. I do appreciate how it's pretty unique. It's just not my thing. You could have made an easier medal. The music is fairly good. I guess you chose a frog because they hop or something.

The detail is pretty good. It's hard to ask for more, seeing as how that would just make it harder. It's Level 5 I'm having problems with. I'm just quitting now with that. It's pretty easy to understand.

This isn't "unique" by any stretch of the imagination. All those features you took out--moving while falling, grabbing ladders while falling--they're all innovations created by games over the years. This game reminds me of a really old platformer, and it makes it quite clear exactly why those old games aren't that great!