Reviews for "Ribbitation"

I enjoyed this! Like someone said below, it reminds me of donkey kong jr. More levels please...

ok...so the game doesnt work, all i get is some backround graphics and i cant play at all...ive refreshed at least 5 times and still nothing...

Pixelulsar responds:

You are on the menu, it's really dark grey so its hard to see.

OMG . . . . . o_O This game is SO MUCH CUTE ^o^ JUST LOOK AT THAT TINY CUTE LITTLE FROG!! Hes so cute ^_^ and tiny. Love it.

A short game that reminds me of Donkey Kong junior, but without jumping.

The medal works, and I earned it.

Decent puzzles, though the learning curve was rather slow and there weren't enough of the more challenging levels. I would have preferred a drab "game over" screen to the pointless "Level 13" - or was there some secret hidden puzzle I was meant to sort out?

Dark grey text on black background is never a good idea by the way!