Reviews for "Monochrome Obstacles"

Solidly build, nice graphics and no lag here.
But 150 points? oO'' Even the medal collecting good players I know here seem to have given up at 10 points.
So it's not only me, it is though! I noticed that often I die because I'm not in position to reach the next gap. I think a bit more reaction time (horizontal view) to prepare my vertical position might make a good difference.

I also wish there were alternative controls like mouse clicks (spacebar is generally the most used key, hence is also the 1st key to break... and mine seems a bit bit broken btw :p)

The harder flappy bird.

This is an interesting take on this type of game. There were a few irritants that I found while starting playing. Since this is the type of game where people like restart often, the slow fade into the "Game Over" menu will drive people insane. The slight delay should be eliminated. Another thing is the jump between the monochromatic gravity. When it switches from black/white it is almost unpredictable when the gravity will switch, which results in you crashing into the wall. It appears to be about half way between the two obstacles. If there was an indicator or something about when the gravity was about to switch, it might make that obstacle a little easier to pass. As for your author comment, I am experiencing no lag in the gameplay. Overall a solid game. Challenging for sure!

rawb1t responds:

The thing is, if you're about to pass these special "switch obstacles" you should do absolutely nothing, especially not jumping. When the gravity switches, you will definitly pass the obstacle and land on the ground without touching it. Trust me ;-)

Thanks for your comment! :-)

After Roomryder I must say that I am a bit disappointed ;-) It is clearly some kind of a flappy bird mechanics clone, c'mon, enough of these! :-) As i see the subsequent obstacles are random and it makes sometimes impossible to pass some segments when in one obstacle the free space is near the down border and another one just the opposite - totally up. It is not possible to get there in a such short amount of time. Also about the direction change: when you are just hitting the spacebar when it happens it is an instant kill. Sometimes it even happens just before reaching the obstacle. Maybe make the spaces between obstacles a bit wider or slow the game down a bit?
On the other hand the game has very nice and relaxing music :-)
And there is something in your games that makes the player want to try again and again! ;-)

rawb1t responds:

To be honest, the concept wasn't planed to be like another Flappy Bird. But I had to face the fact, that my original concept was totally shit. But I definitely wanted to use the monochrome design and the changing gravity, so it became a little clone of FP. But that was definitly not the first intention.

About the difficulty to reach the gap on the top of the game, if the player is on the bottom (and vice versa): It is possible, to reach the highest possible gap, even if the player is on the ground. I tested especially this issue very often. The only thing is, that you need to be fast at the Spacebar. ;-)

If you reach an obstacle, which switches the gravity, just do nothing! Thats important. If you jump, you will crash into the obstacle, as you could see. ;-) I know, it tooks much time to get the controls right, but difficulty is the core of all my games, isn't it? ;)

Really hard (for me), is it possible to build difficulty as you progress? I found I needed to have perfect timing and after 20+ plays scored 5.

rawb1t responds:

I'll think about that. Thanks :3