Reviews for "Unfographics"

I like the game, or at least, I like what I can play. On the second level, I'm guessing the way to get past is to rotate the nuclear symbol, which I couldn't do because of my Mac Mouse. So could you make an alternate way to rotate things like with a slider possibly? The idea is awesome, but I couldn't get past the second level so...

FernandoBarba responds:

I had no idea how mac mouse is. I just googled it to see the lack of wheel XD
I will make and update in a few hours!

edit: updated! :)

Good game, but I think I found a bug. In the level about gravity, when you land on the dotted line, you can't move anymore. No matter what you do.

This game desperately needs some form of fullscreen mode or rotating in the map; a lot of information seems to be out of the map or is completely missing, while the game also has a lot of obvious spelling mistakes. It looks like a good game, but it was very casually/sketchily/quickly made. It could also have a restart level button and a level selection screen. Anyway, I can't accuse you because this is your first game here and you had limited time.

what the heck?? how do you beat the second game???

FernandoBarba responds:

Drag the iceberg to the equatorial line, then switch the numbers that are in orange.

Pretty fun and interesting, but on the fourth level it seems to have broken.