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Reviews for "Unfographics"

Fix your English.

FernandoBarba responds:

Yes i did can

No reset button, and I am beyond frustrated with it. I suppose technically you don't need one, but I felt like you did on the fourth level. I couldn't seem to figure it out. I SWORE I was doing something wrong with the gravity button, because I couldn't reach it and I thought I had to change it again just to be able to reach the door. So I kept starting the game over from scratch, did this four times (enough for me to not like the game.) On the fifth time, I discovered what to really do, with the internet numbers, and yet would you believe it . . . ran into a glitch where I can't move haha.

I liked this game, really wanted to finish this game, but I'm sorry- I'm not doing it for a sixth time. And this could have all been avoided with a simple reset button. Maybe I'm rating this unfairly because of how I struggled, but I feel like every game should have a reset button, because you never know when you'll need one, even if you just run into a level breaking glitch.

Well, when I reach my "G.O.A.L" in the Gravity level, the game crashes. :(

Sorry, but too buggy. Can't go through 4th level.

This was a great idea, but unfortunately that's all. I understand that the author isn't a native English speaker, but the grammar and spelling errors are just so constant and pervasive that they really take away a lot of the fun of the game.
On top of that, the game feels extremely unfinished. The "How To Play" button on the title screen is non-functional, there's no indication about what items can be changed and what can't, collisions don't always work correctly, and the dialog comes across as very childish, which is not helped at all by the constant spelling and grammar errors.
Despite all that, the game's core concept is still very good. If the author were to spend more time working on the game, fixing bugs, possibly getting help from a native English speaker to proofread the script, it could be an excellent game. But as it is now, it's pretty awful.