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Reviews for "Unfographics"

I didnt like it i dont want to be rude but i most be honest dont get offended but its what i think,

Hmm, ok, the level 2 was fucking hard, man, the oil level was wtf, i didnt need to use nothing, the gravity level, well, Im at the door, i cant move, the door isn't closing, what is happening?

The concept itself made me want to give it a 4, at the least. It's something I haven't really seen before, destroying infographics for the sake of getting to where you wanna go. You made it feel more real with your little figure who looks like he belongs in one of those things as well.

That being said, the gameplay itself is frustrating and nearly impossible unless you play with things until you accidentally stumble on the solution. Also, as was said, level 3 is impossible on the laptop for me because I don't have a mouse. There should definitely be an alternate key for that, because I'd kind of like to see how much further the levels go.

I enjoyed the soundtrack and the concept, but that's really about it. Another lovely concept brought to the table that can be expanded on much MUCH further, and made into a 5 star product.

This game would benefit greatly from a proper tutorial. Every level feels like a guessing game on where to drop the interactive objects. Half the time I can't find where the "sweetspot" is where I need to put them. The idea itself is good, just mechanically it simply doesn't work.

Could have had some real potential but the glitches make it unplayable.

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