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Reviews for "Unfographics"

A good idea executed poorly. Could do with a zoom out button and more of a tutorial.

Well thought out, but I can't seem to get past the 3rd level with the energy. Help?

dropped to the ground on the second level and was unable to find my way back up, nor was there any kind of reset key that i could find. this is a novel concept, but it's just not working, nor is any part of the game explained well enough to make it user friendly.

it was okay, but lacked simple basics...

a level restart button (reloaded the game as many times as there are levels,because of bugs and/or assumed bugs), a mute option, ... you don't need saves with such a short game

what annoyed me the most was that clipping bug when you don't stand correctly on the ground.
the second most was the jumpng not working correctly in the gravity level when you touched the crates or smth...

the part what took me the most time wise was... getting up to the windmill... how areyou supposed to know you can stand on that? I jumped around on everything else... you can't stand on the left structure once you fell down (but can before) but...
yeah it's really counterintuitive imho

the part that took the second most time was finding anything to drop the iceberg on...
the iceberg was the first element I noticed could be interacted with but... finding the correct empty space to put it... was difficult

I think the game could be even better if there were complexer levels, as in more then 2 interactions per level to solve it

Seems cool, but paying on a laptop is a devastating.