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Reviews for "Unfographics"

Skippy music
Bad grammar
2nd level makes no sense

FernandoBarba responds:

At least i tried :p

I enjoy the clean simplistic graphics and the clever theme, but I experienced a very significant issue. I'm sure this game has more to offer than what I got out of it, but I had a difficult time playing on my laptop since I couldn't rotate the object. I can't mouse wheel or right click while holding down the mouse button. I'll come back to play again when I have a real mouse, but until then I'll wait to rate the game until I get the full experience.

No clue what I'm supposed to do on the second level. I swapped the two percentages and tried dropping the iceberg on everything or even holding it over stuff.. like over the factory to make it melt. I guess I'm missing something, but I'm pretty good at puzzle games.. so I'd say it needs to be more obvious.

FernandoBarba responds:

This is weird, half of the people complaing that it is too easy, the other half too hard XD

You have to drop the iceberg in the ecuator, on left side :D

could be longer and the puzzles more complex but also more logical (in that it is more clear about the mechanics by which you will solve the puzzle). For the gravity level, don't set gravity to zero, just set it to 220.

FernandoBarba responds:

Yes, i would love to make it longer, increasing the complex of each lvl, but it is a game for a jam, and i did it in five days :p
Im planing to make this a real game though

Good concept but the delivery needs work. Understood level two but the iceberkept going underneath the earth so i couldn't complete it w/o a bit of "Technical Mumbo-Jumbo" as for the third level, being that this laptop has no mousewheel, it seems like quite a bit of an oversight to make it impossible to complete without one.