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Reviews for "Unfographics"

Skippy music
Bad grammar
2nd level makes no sense

FernandoBarba responds:

At least i tried :p

i put the iceberg in the equatorial line and then i got nothing to click on the 2nd level

i don't know how much time you invested in this project, but i liked it anyway. i had a bit of a hart time at level 2(which isn't negativ at all)

i would have played even more levels, i really like the way you have to think to solve those levels

keep going on nice work dude

I enjoy the clean simplistic graphics and the clever theme, but I experienced a very significant issue. I'm sure this game has more to offer than what I got out of it, but I had a difficult time playing on my laptop since I couldn't rotate the object. I can't mouse wheel or right click while holding down the mouse button. I'll come back to play again when I have a real mouse, but until then I'll wait to rate the game until I get the full experience.

i'm stuck at the energy level i can't get up to the finish the pylon wont help me to get up