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Reviews for "Unfographics"

I like the game, or at least, I like what I can play. On the second level, I'm guessing the way to get past is to rotate the nuclear symbol, which I couldn't do because of my Mac Mouse. So could you make an alternate way to rotate things like with a slider possibly? The idea is awesome, but I couldn't get past the second level so...

FernandoBarba responds:

I had no idea how mac mouse is. I just googled it to see the lack of wheel XD
I will make and update in a few hours!

edit: updated! :)

Great concept, but enough glitches to warrant the death penalty. I got stuck on the gravity level and can't restart the level. I cried.

i don't know how much time you invested in this project, but i liked it anyway. i had a bit of a hart time at level 2(which isn't negativ at all)

i would have played even more levels, i really like the way you have to think to solve those levels

keep going on nice work dude

I'm going to have to give it 3, because it's a great concept, but the resolution is WAY off, and I can't see almost all but 2 demographics on the second screen, 70% and 3%. The concept is there, but the game is not. With a little brushing up it'll be good.

Also please don't use the "English not first language" card...thats a crock of shit. Spellcheck exists for a reason, you obviously didn't use it though :)

FernandoBarba responds:

In fact i asked for spellchek, and got to correct a lot! still somethingis missing and people keep saying that are mistakes but dont point at them XD

The game was made in a rush for a jam in 5 days, its full of glitches sorry :p

Very very very cool! but im playing on a laptop and jesus christ!