Reviews for "Tiny Treasure"

Great little game; I loved the concept. A little more explanation at the end would have helped, though. I didn't realize we had to collect EVERY coin. I went to the very top and then had to go BACK to the bottom! You gave us plenty of time, though, thanks!

GO TINY PEOPLE! ^o^ there so cute and tiny and they need each other to make it to the end. so much cute ^^

Very cute, nicely done! Pretty graphics and fun gameplay. The time limit was not challenging enough and the instruction to grab all the coins was not clear (especially that we were meant to grab the "direction arrows" of coins - thought they were just an instruction the first time I saw them, not something I had to collect!). The space to switch dynamic got a bit annoying, I think it would have been easier just to have separate movement controls for the two characters. Also the graphics played up a bit when you move up or down a level in the game. But on the whole this was fun and was worth playing.

Its an amazing game with clever puzzle mechanics i love this game it's good enough to be a stand alone game for computer and i love this so much that if it was on computer i would buy it

game nice ^_^