Reviews for "Tiny Treasure"

A solid 2-character platformer, interesting puzzles, and the time limit at the end was gracious enough to enable me to get back to the ending AND back to the end to grab the arrow of coins that I hadn't initially realized were coins.

Maybe in the next installment, include the ability to move a character with the other on their head for other puzzles?

great level designs & graphics
I like how there are no text making the game international but I didn't see anywhere where it says you have to pick up ALL the coins to finish the game. 1st time I ran out of time because of this going back, 2nd time I was on the lookout for a message but didn't notice any, did I still miss it? ^^'

it was a fun little game i liked how when you reach the treasure it sends out a little mini game where you have to collect the coins and the layout was great and the way you made the player think how to get over the blocks was amazing in some way this reminded me of the mini mario game in all it was a good game but could have had a few little things to collect on the the way to the treasure like achievements.

very fun to play but a bit short :)

cool game, very nice level design and game mechanic