Reviews for "Tiny Treasure"

PHew! Just barely made it! 2 seconds left! Didn't know I had to get every coin, so raced back down. I would have loved more levels! This was fun!

Great little game; I loved the concept. A little more explanation at the end would have helped, though. I didn't realize we had to collect EVERY coin. I went to the very top and then had to go BACK to the bottom! You gave us plenty of time, though, thanks!

excellent. Smart and challenging. I liked the variety of puzzles given the simple concept. The timer at the end could be less than 10 minutes, because it was fairly easy to gt every coin in time. Maaaaybe just a tad more story or a more rewarding ending would add the final touch.

Great level design and graphics, the puzzles were simple but interesting. I loved the mini game once you reached the treasure and the time limit left enough time to collect any missed coins. Overall a solid two character platformer. Despite it being short I found it to be very fun, great job!

Excellent game. Simple yet challenging and not too challenging, so it has the exact amount of challenge to make it fun and not frustrating. I liked the fact of having to collect coins and the time limit added an extra challenge.

Keep it up.