Reviews for "Tiny Treasure"

Really cute!

I awesome game to play with friends

Great game! Simple and creative (mostly) obstacles, very interesting tweak mid-game. The concept of revisiting the same puzzles but not only harder, from a different side, even, all that in a threat of a timer! I legitimately panicked when I saw the seconds counting down. The time could be way shorter, though, for me at least. And the puzzles on the way to the treasure could be harder, but that's just my opinion.
Simple, colorful, cheerful, memorable, great. Good job.

Great game! It's definitely the less annoying game of its kind, which is something like dual / twin characters. I'd definitely see more levels of this game! The playability is amazing, the game went without a problem for my gameplay and the difficulty is exactly what a first level of a longer should look like. Keep it going on!

not bad but a little good