Reviews for "FinalFantasy: Masters of"

*blinks, checks ears* Damn, it IS that good!!!

Great gobs of goose shit... someone with an unbelievably original slant to their music rather than just copying with minor alterations... well, that in itself is a major upside, but you also have balanced intstruments that don't clash and make the listeners get blood in their ears. Nice medely. You stay true to your overall theme that you began with, and yet pulled out the intensity of each piece nicely. I had even forgotten what Final Fantasy IX's boss battle sounded like. Thanks for reminding me!

bitium-ribbon responds:

Yeah, IX's is quite possible the only boss theme I had not yet heard remixed before I made this. I always loved it though. :)

The MemOrieS eNTerinG

I cant believ all the classic ones all together melded perfectly OMG this is like an ultimate tribute style piece..... However no FF8 if only you had FF8 Boss it would have been even greater. If you feel confinent try piecing together the decisive battles from the different games ie. Atma weapon and the FF4 elements. If they can fit it would be incredible!

bitium-ribbon responds:

My pact: To never ever mix anything FFVIII due to my dislike of the game. However, Atma indeed and the FF4 elements agreed. :P

Thanks for the review.


you made a good combo with the song(and i dont think that the title is lame i like it)

Holy Johnny Appleseed

Ok man, I have to say, You are the one guy I know who has been able to pull off mixing all thoes boss themes together, I love your work, so Keep on working man, its only just going to get better. Thanks for all your work


i am doing FF live action vids. is it OK if i use this for the final boss?

bitium-ribbon responds:

Absotively. :) Just make sure you credit me, that's all I ask. If this is going on Youtube, I have a channel there you can direct viewers to as well.