Reviews for "FinalFantasy: Masters of"


you got three of my favorites in a row... 3,7,9 thanks! Needed to here them again.

bitium-ribbon responds:

Not a problem, my friend. :)

fricking sweet

awsome, a mix of it all, lol 3 heard are better than 1, in this case 6 games are better than 1.

Splendid ALL DA WAY!

I LOVED this. I won't say I'm addicted like some other reviewers, but it's a DEFFY must on my iPod for those medley-goodness moments I crave. Seriously, I've never heard a better medley. And what's better is they're just...eeeee.


Great song, and the way you blended the themes together was superb!

Friggin Awesome!

Beside FF3 i playd all off them but i really like the Bosstheme!
This Tune is Awesome !!!