Reviews for "FinalFantasy: Masters of"


lol, the title is lame but funny and matches since they are bosses in the game...but neways, bak to my review, lol...this medley is awesome man, you got a talent, I love the interludes and transitions from game boss song to boss song, it's awesome, keep up the work man, I hope you make more releases, you got a lot of talent in this field, keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your pieces to the ppl man, 2 thumbs up! 10 and well deserved!

bitium-ribbon responds:

Dude, you make me sound like some kind of humanitarian. XD

Thanks a bunch, friend!


this song kiks ass, u should keep it up. the songs u mixed up wnt with the beat when u went to hte other song.dam ur good

bitium-ribbon responds:

Glad you think so. I actually just stumbled across that coincidence when listening to them all in sequence... i was just like "hey, those could all fit pretty nicely." lol


Simply amazing...you should make one with final boss themes

bitium-ribbon responds:

Thanks. I did make one with Zeromus in it. :P


you got three of my favorites in a row... 3,7,9 thanks! Needed to here them again.

bitium-ribbon responds:

Not a problem, my friend. :)

Great Remix

I love the tracks from FF and this remix is just awesome. keep it up