Reviews for "FinalFantasy: Masters of"


Man this is Sweet my final Fantasy memories are coming back now.

Beautiful submission!

I was really thrilled how this took me way back in my memories... the transitions between the different themes was practically seamless. Excellent job. :)

bitium-ribbon responds:

I'm glad you noticed that. One of the things I worked hardest with when I made this was the transitions. I was amazed how well they fit together though... lol

By Bahamut and Ultima ... THIS ROCKS

You just made me warp into 8-9years of my life ... in 6 minutes you simply did it ... Go on with such marvellous ideas lad ...

bitium-ribbon responds:

Haha, thank you very much, I'm glad I could give you a bit of nostalgia.

*blinks, checks ears* Damn, it IS that good!!!

Great gobs of goose shit... someone with an unbelievably original slant to their music rather than just copying with minor alterations... well, that in itself is a major upside, but you also have balanced intstruments that don't clash and make the listeners get blood in their ears. Nice medely. You stay true to your overall theme that you began with, and yet pulled out the intensity of each piece nicely. I had even forgotten what Final Fantasy IX's boss battle sounded like. Thanks for reminding me!

bitium-ribbon responds:

Yeah, IX's is quite possible the only boss theme I had not yet heard remixed before I made this. I always loved it though. :)

Excellent medley...

I love it a lot. nuff said

bitium-ribbon responds:

Indeed. :)