Reviews for "FinalFantasy: Masters of"

Aw man...

I'm a sucker for medleys, and this overall doesn't disappoint. Quality of the tune is somewhat unfortunate (lots of buzzing for high notes). That aside though, this is an extremely pleasing tune that flows well from each theme to the next. Well done!

bitium-ribbon responds:

You should check out the OCD mix I posted last year. This song, but better - and with a few more things thrown in.

- Bitium

cant call it perfect but it is damn good

nice its an interesting mix a 9 seems about right


This was a pretty cool remix of the boss themes from various of Final Fantasy games,most of them were really good and i liked the idea of the song too so it was a great 6 minutes and change,nice job.

the begginning

it sounds like crazy motorcycle


This may in fact be the best Final Fantasy styled music I have ever heard in my life! The tune doesn't even sound familiar to me, but it was so awesome I didn't care. I was really able to get a lot of themes out of this, like ones of peace, and ones of an epic journey. I like the sort of technologic beat it has, like it was made with the keyboard. I honestly couldn't tell what instruments were being used, but everything was done perfectly! I woud love to hear this being used in a game by Matt Roszak or somebody.