Reviews for "FinalFantasy: Masters of"


ey that was pretty cool i espacially liked the beginning

fricking sweet

awsome, a mix of it all, lol 3 heard are better than 1, in this case 6 games are better than 1.


Brilliant idea man! great to hear it all in one place.

omg :D

this is great! i love final fantasy, i love it love it love it love it love it :)

This was hot! I loved this audio! :D

Just hearing almost all the battle scenes from the final fantasy games was just awesome. 6 minutes and 20 seconds of good, remixed final fantasy music. I liked the combination switch from FF7 to FF9. That was pretty sick to hear. All of the final fantasy battle scenes sounded beautiful and they were remixed perfectly. I am definitly putting this audio on my favorites list and I'm going to download this. Overall, this audio was fantastic and I loved hearing this! Fantastic Work bitium-ribbon! :D

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bitium-ribbon responds:

A pleasure to have entertained you, my friend. Thanks for the commentary and everything else!