Reviews for "FinalFantasy: Masters of"

This is perfect!

Boss battle music is better than regular battle music and this mix of boss battles ownz all other FF boss mixes ive heard! DEFINITE 5/5


All I can say is it's just awesome. Keep up the good work.

very awesome.

I like teh FFVII part, mainly cause it's the only one of those I've played. one of the parts reminds me of the FFIII boss fights, come to think of it.

bitium-ribbon responds:

Probably because that's what it was. :P

I was looking through old reviews and found this one, and laughed when I saw it was you. XD

YES!! LOVE IT!! >.<

OH YES!! I absolutely love this song, mainly because you did so goddamn(srry) well on the FFIX prt! (IX is my favourite) this song is just so epic!! F!! I love it at 0:34 where it pretty much starts off, I love how you did that!!
5/5 and 10/10, I WOULD give it higher if I could, but begger's can't be chooser's....if that makes sense in this context. I also love how you did the FFVII prt!


i dont have right words to say how much i liked it.