Reviews for "FinalFantasy: Masters of"


Yeah you do have no life, but the music that comes out of it is worth it lol

Nostolgic Memories coming back

This is what I love in a song, something to move you to tears, joy, and other great emotions. This is what music is all about to me and this song brings back the memories of facing that one final boss back when I was a kid. It really works well as that but it still brings something new to the mix as to not make it boring.

Happy memories :')

although the title is lame :P, this is good, 10 stars for you boy ;)

^_^ <3

*writes review as he listens to each song*
I love FIV, so hearing someone use the game's music now a days is always a pleasure ^_^. Only quabble with it is that the techno beat stole some of the 'suspense out of the song, which is what made it memorable.
The blend of 4,6,3 wasn't really noticeable, and thats a good thing because it didnt break the harmony of the music.

Over all it's pretty good, not quite perfect, but pretty good. keep em comin!


I liked the music especially when the FFVII music kicked in.