Reviews for "FinalFantasy: Masters of"

You Ish Owning. Fo' Shizzle!

The title says it all. YOU OWN!


YOU PAWN for making this


Omg just too awesome dude i realy like that!
Why didn't i have a all final fantasy game these song are so awesome :(

Continue like that!

Ahh the memories

Another great mix in my books i can just remember beating all those bosses again when i hear this 10/10 for you :D

p.s ff4 part is just the best

Your best remix yet!

I can imagine this being used as a theme for a final boss. In fact, I can imagine Chaos, Omega, Zeromus, Kefka, Sephiroth, ExDeath, and Bahamut fighting to this in a free-for-all! XD

Awesome job! Keep it up!

bitium-ribbon responds:

Aw, but what about Zande and Kuja? :(

lol Glad you liked it.