Reviews for "Tinder IRL"

So good! Love the Backgrounds by bill premo, the voices by james and emily and the backgrounds by jay- this came together so well and the animation was stupendous! great job!! :)

MrChambers responds:

Thanks for all the love and support chris!

That was so wonderfully gory! I have to admit, that is such a great metaphor for how hurtfully we swipe people aside, and you also create such vapid and conceited characters to demonstrate it.

Excellent work from all of you!

MrChambers responds:

Thanks man! Yea, I tend to have dumb characters

The animation when the girl says "Whoooooore" is beautiful.

I want to upload my kilobytes into your harddrive... And download your compressed files...

oooh, nice animation, very good pace, beautiful drawings, and cool, grotesque face expressions and faces!
i like it alot, it has a fluid animation, and a good design, as for the story itself, its funny, it seems that this guy ditched the sexy babe, and prefered the other, wierd, bigger girl...
the ending was hillariously grim!

a good animation with good voice-acting.

MrChambers responds:

thanks for that extensively nice review!