Reviews for "Tinder IRL"

The animation was spot on. The plot was interesting and surreal, but I don't understand a point or two. What did the man mean by, "Oh baby sweet Jesus, that is it."? And why did she throw him at the wall?

Now this is some top notch low brow stuff XD
I really dig the animation style of the characters, as well as the backgrounds.
This is the first vid I've seen of yours, but I will indeed be checking out the others.
Keep up the great work!

MrChambers responds:

Thanks! Spoiler alert: all my other videos are mildly dissapointing

The heart looks like a turd.

That heart at the end lookeded like it had breasticles....

MrChambers responds:

big healthy heart breasts

Your animation skills are getting stronger and stronger, and I love your sense of humour

MrChambers responds:

Thank you!