Reviews for "Tinder IRL"

I can't get enough of that female actor's voice - hilarious! Interesting take on Tinder. I like the idea.

MrChambers responds:

The actress is Emily Youcis, and she's very talented! Thanks man!

wow amazing! life sucks! and not just for me! thanks for sharing my pain!!!

oooh, nice animation, very good pace, beautiful drawings, and cool, grotesque face expressions and faces!
i like it alot, it has a fluid animation, and a good design, as for the story itself, its funny, it seems that this guy ditched the sexy babe, and prefered the other, wierd, bigger girl...
the ending was hillariously grim!

a good animation with good voice-acting.

MrChambers responds:

thanks for that extensively nice review!

I woukd swipe right on this film. Not sure why but your drawing style reminds me of the Gorillaz.

That was Goood :D

MrChambers responds:

thanks boo boo