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Reviews for "Bounty Dungeon Escape"

Cute. Solveable without hours of trial and error. I'm gonna agree with M-Class, I only caught the 3-digit code by accident, but that was my failure, not the game's.

Nice graphics. Very nice job on this.

NIce and easy, I enjoyed it.

I liked it, but it was only by chance that I happened to see the 3 digit number code. I would recommend ether placing a drag-able item in front of it (to show that there must be something there) or making it something that you can pick up or otherwise decipher from the vast amount of other random background images.

I enjoyed this escape game although it was rather short and easy. Graphics are nice! It's intuitive to use a sword to search for objects.

Keep up the good work, @Kai3114.

Escape games can also get too complicated. It's nice with some shorter ones. Thanks for that experience!